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Colombia Tolima La Arabia Organic

Colombia Tolima La Arabia Organic

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La Arabia Organic

by Ruben Parra

Colombia, Tolima, Planadas

Sugarry, with lots of dark fruit. Notes of pomegranate and cherry. Sweet citrusy notes adding brightness and giving depth.

La Arabia Organic: A Colombian Legacy, Crafted with Care

La Arabia Organic is more than just a delicious cup of coffee; it's a testament to the Parra family's dedication to quality and sustainable farming. For three generations, Ruben Parra and his family have cultivated coffee in the heart of Colombia's Tolima region, and their passion shines through in every bean.

This exceptional coffee is grown at an altitude of 1980 meters above sea level, where the unique terroir and meticulous care result in a truly remarkable flavor profile. After careful hand-picking and meticulous washed processing, the beans reveal a symphony of sweet and fruity notes, with hints of pomegranate, cherry, and citrus, all harmonizing to create a truly memorable coffee experience.

Additional Details (English):

  • Origin: Colombia, Tolima, Planadas
  • Variety: Colombia, Castillo
  • Process: Washed
  • Altitude: 1980 masl
  • Harvest Year: 2023
  • SCA Score: 86.25

פרטים נוספים:

  • מקור: קולומביה, טולימה, פלנדס
  • זן: קולומביה, קאסטילו
  • עיבוד: שטוף
  • גובה: 1980 מטר מעל פני הים
  • שנת קטיף: 2023
  • ציון SCA: 86.25

With each sip of La Arabia Organic, you're not only savoring a delicious cup of coffee, but also supporting a family legacy of sustainable farming and a commitment to exceptional quality.

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